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  Alternators Denso 130A 5020SG Race Alternator

Denso 130A 5020SG Race Alternator

Denso 130A 5020SG Race Alternator
SKU Denso 130A 5020SG Race Alernator

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Part Number: 5020SG

OEM: Denso  -  Equivalent to McLaren 'G' type - with modified / bigger rectifier heat sink for extra reliability - 8mm B+ connection post

As supplied to BTCC teams.

Current: 130 Amps (When hot)

Voltage: 12 volts

Stator Diameter: 100mm

Regulator Type: 4         (B+ L, IG.Sense)

Weight: 3.0kg

Dimensions (A, B, C): 25, 20, 65

Max. Rotor Speed: 18000 rpm

Additional Information: Type 4 connector


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